Immobilized Maiden of the Wind

I see the bruises on your arm

I see the townsfolk has caused you harm


I see those chains bound to your ankles and wrists

This windowless dungeon I wonder who could think of this?


These bars on this door

How could they possibly have punished you more?


I don’t see any steam from your serving; don’t tell me that your meal has gone cold?

Rumors have it that the food they serve you is to sicken your body or so I’ve been told


By the looks of your gown I can tell that your dungeon isn’t clean

Yet your face still holds a solemn, glowing smile; could you maybe be a veen?


If so this room has no place for you; it’s no wonder why you refuse to eat

Further torture isn’t needed when you’re in a room that’s cold and damp without any light to warm your feet


I know they view you as a servant to the devil

I know however, that you; young maiden, are not evil


For I can see truth and sincerity in your eyes

And I can tell from hearing you speak that your words hold no lies


Your voice is so gentle and frail

That if you were to sing you could out-perform any Nightingale


All they need is to just hear you out

Allow you to testify and answer their questions in order to clear their doubt


You may be a young maiden but your words hold great wisdom

Of a reality to a dream of wondrous freedom


They can’t keep you in here to selfishly put their minds at ease

To keep you away from any gust of wind let alone a gentle breeze


I heard that finally tomorrow their closing these claims

And in front of the townsfolk your body will be set to flames


So tonight I have come to your rescue

Now go, go to the skies before they see you


The morning has arrived; the guards have come to set flames to my flesh

For having set free a convicted demon as confirmed by a nearby witness


Among the people I see my family, the land, and the sky

From the distance I can even see you and not just wait idly by


I will testify on your behalf

Not caring if I get beaten or if the people laugh


I will shout it from these lungs until I can’t breathe

I do this for you my friend for I trust you would do the same for me


They will remember for the rest of their lives this woman burned at the stake

That I died with a smile knowing I’ll reach freedom for my sake


But I am content with at least saving you my friend

And I soon will soar those skies as an angel, along with you; maiden of the wind


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