I watch the world

Seeing its beauties and its disasters

Run on a thin line


Where reality strikes its soul

And little imagination is left to spare

I feel the chains over creativity

The decaying hope in the bright hearts of man


And when I look to the sky

I see marvelous creations

Such that thrive in many young hearts

But are locked away


Casted deep into an icy caldron

Where light fades

And darkness descends

And pride in life is swallowed whole


My mind reflects upon this

Seeking out ways to revive what has been lost

And being in doing so

Every kindness I give


Inspires me to imagine a brighter world

Where man is free of harsh reality

And released back into a world

Where imagination rules the sky's





This is beautiful. While I was reading, it made me think of when I used to and still, climb my roof and look out at the sky just reflecting on this world and life God created. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you. Keep writing=) 


This really is beautiful...


I love this poem


It is written beautifully. I like the way of writing about imagination. Nicely written. Writing is a skill that some people have in them  whi can write it very creatively. Not only poem writing, but the other writings as essay writing, article writing etc. Some go through the help from professionals of best and inexpensive essay writing services to get the sample writing help too. Anyways it was great reading the poem here.


Good poem will u read some of mine I love feedbac




Beautiful poem! I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of your wirting.


I Feel The Chains Over Creativity. i find this to be a very interesting statement. What you have described here is what i know as a people named America.



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