Im Tired.

I'm tired of people being so ugly inside but put a fake smile on their face. I'm tired of the social media rat race to prove to everyone you're so fucking great. I'm tired of people fucking with people's anxiety, just because you want the ego boost and comradery, but then they treat you like a commodity. It's strange this behavior isn't an oddity. People act like it's the norm, like it's done commonly. People have a fear of missing out, Dont sleep! I'm tired of people using anxiety for an opportunity, instead of having compassion, people just wanna compete. I'm tired of living in a society that exacerbates depression and anxiety, like if you ain't apart of the squad then you never ever gonna be. I'm tired of people who act like they're smart, they can talk the talk and wear the mask but they cant play the part. I'm tired of people just being offended, just because the words they heard couldn't be comprehended or respected. I'm tired of people building walls instead of people building bridges, and the fact we throw more food away but people got empty fridges. I'm tired of doing so much with it hardly being seen, I'm tired of being real only to be called mean. I'm tired of cannabis being disrespected and associated with harmful shit like pills and lean. I'm tired of feeling numbers rule, instead of knowledge from the individual mind, I'm tired of the lack of creative thinking and reliance of the hive. I'm tired of my emotions being played with like a yoyo, up and down with social media posts, I'm tired of having so much to say but feeling like a ghost. I'm tired of people not listening, just waiting for their time to talk, and when they do they're aggressive, and your just prey to a hungry hawk. I'm tired of being bitter with my overall view of life, I'm tired of being jaded and feeling full of strife. I'm tired of wishing for better and waiting for a miracle, and I'm tired of music being banal when it comes to being lyrical. I'm tired of people being wasteful with food just for viral video views, I'm tired of people being distasteful and frankly straight up rude. I'm tired of feeling so much but keep it locked inside, cause you gotta keep it low key, right, so you might as well hide. I'm tired of women being disrespected, called a bitch and told to shake their ass. I'm tired of living in a society that relates with the distastefully trashy and is lacking in class. I'm tired of wishing I was a kid again, I'm tired of wishing for something like a friend. I'm tired of feeling alone, tired of asking why, tired of spreading my wings and not taking the jump to fly. I'm tired of people looking for someone to blame, doesn't matter if we look different, deep down we're the same. I'm tired of faking a smile just for the sake of "positive vibes", if I feel like shit but I'm smiling, then my smile is a lie. Doesn't matter if you're name is John or Juanita, Shanika or Quan Lee, remember to be yourself, you're not Lil Pump or Lil Peep. I'm tired of a generation being uncomfortably numb, not thinking about their life, only looking for fun. I'm tired of people trying to act heartless and tough, I'm tired of people only valuing you based on material stuff. I'm tired of people not using their brain, and watching their choices cause them a world of pain. I'm tired of uneducated opinions and entitled complaints, of people mutually hurting but showing no restraint. I'm tired of people who hardly make the effort, who will bring you some water but leave you in the desert. I'm tired of the politically correct, always up in your face, I'm tired for living life looking for my next escape. I'm tired of being tired, there's only so much one can take, I'm just tired of the bullshit because theres only what's real and what's fake. I didnt work a 9-5 today, but I'm so tired of holding on to so much to say. Tired of people who dont want to hear it, but the reason they wont hear the truth is because they fear it. But most of all I'm tired of being tired, like an endless journey for rest. I'm tired of feeling like life isn't a dream but more like a test. I'm learning there's a time for questions, a time to ask why but this is the time where I get out of bed, spread my wings, and fly.

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