I'm Still Here


Musically driven,
Your passion spoke to me
In so many ways that I didn’t see
How much you were suffering
And trying to say goodbye. 

It’s been over five years now
I've noticed your fake smiles,
your sarcastic laugh towards the meaning of family,
So why won’t you tell me?

You are a brother I've never had before, yet
You cut off all ties because it seems
You no longer need me,
but we both need each other.

My best and dearest friend
Take your time
To open your mind when you feel it's right
I'm not going anywhere. 

I've been waiting for ten years now,
I think I should stop here, 
but I too, have a passion that needs to be spoken to you.
I'm still here because
The memories and bond we shared together
Will last with me forever. 


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