I'm Still Blue

Darling, you knew that I was going to ask you to marry me
Warmth gleamed in your eyes when the night wind blew
I honestly told you how strong my love for you grew
You turned your head towards me and said, “I love you too”
Why did you pain my love-struck heart and make me blue?

I willingly did things for you; I even buckled your shoes
Darling, you wouldn't believe how much I miss you
I'm still blue after being without you for so many years
Though I've cried more times than I can remember,
I just can't subdue the deep feelings in my heart for you

I used to stand behind you and hold you around the waist
We'd spend many hours talking in your cosy bedroom
And we'd walk together when the grass was sprinkled with dew
Now I don't see the inner-city lady that I once knew
Your friend told you that I still loved you; darling, it's true

I fell silent for a while and you asked me, “Are you okay?”
I answered yes and then you asked me, “Are you sure?”
And you gave me a beautiful smile when I said yes
You were so enthusiastic about the portrait of you that I drew
I'll always be blue because you're not here to see me through


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