I'm Sorry

Dear Papi,


On January 8th you were given a little bouncing baby girl that has so much growing to do.

I'm sorry you will not be there to see that.


She would like for you to be there but sadly you're sexist, woman hating, racist, vile, liquor smelling breath has ruined the chance of ever seeing her grow.

As she grows from a girl into a woman.

Watching her transform.


Because you see, you didn't have a princess

But a queen.


I'm sorry you didn't have a delicate flower

But a tall strong tree


As a girl I was supposed to be small and helpless and weak and never able to protect myself.

I'm sorry that did not happen.


I'm sorry instead you had a dragon.

I'm sorry I breathe fire with every syllable I speak.

With every word I say I burn down your misogynistic towns down to the ground, to ashes.


I'm sorry I don't cook.

I'm sorry I'm not excited to clean the house.

To mop the floor till it shines.

To make the dishes sparkle.


Sorry that I don't wash your clothes to make them smell like lavenders and citrus fruit.

To try to cover up the smell of whiskey and piss.

I'm sorry to tell you that those smells are stuck in your skin and no matter how clean your clothes are, that wretched stench will always be there.


I'm sorry I'm independent.

I’m sorry I’m stubborn.

I’m sorry I like to do things on my own without your help.

I'm sorry I don't find you dependable.

I'm sorry that bothers you.


I am sorry I am strong enough to stand on my own two feet to face the world one day, without you.

I'm sorry you won't be there to see me as I rise.


I'm sorry you won't see the kingdoms I run and the people I take care of.

I'm sorry you won't see what treasure I collect and how many towns I burn down.


I'm sorry that your child will go on in her life as a queen, a dragon, a wife, a mother, a women,and most of all, a human being.

Signed, Your Daughter


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My family
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