I'm sick

Wed, 11/25/2020 - 21:02 -- NowoN

Everybody is going through some shit right now.
Trying to figure out how they're going to dig them selves out,
and the shovel that they need nobody can afford.
And, It really makes you wonder what this life's for?
Look, if I ever take my life, can you apologize for me to my kids
and wife?
I don't want them to think that it was their fault.
I was lost and thought they were better off.

I don't want to be somebody's burden right now.
Could the even tell that I'm even hurting right now?
So, I keep my head down and try to stay away from crowds.
Look, I know that I'm sick. I'm trying to quarantine my shit.
If anybody ask let them know I'm doing great!
Thanks for asking through a text instead of face to face.
And, If I told you I don't want to live for another day,
Would you tell me it's just a phase, and try to run away?

Maybe its my animosity that's got everybody trying not to talk to me, and I can understand why they don't want me around, because my attitude is bringing everybody down.
Even though I'm fighting my mentality, because its bending and warping my reality.
If y'all don't wanna talk to me while I'm alive, could y'all at least remember me when I die?
When I'm dead?

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Our world


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