I'm Seeing Red


Ellis County Jail
United States

It seems I am getting no sleep,
And these late hours are hard to keep.
When I sleep, I dream and see your face.
I dream of your smile and its hard to keep pace.
By the time I wake, all I see is red,
My last memory is you lifeless on our bed.
I didn't mean to, but it just made sense,
I took your life simply out of vengeance.
You were young and dumb, sinful of vanity,
But I'm wise and full of lies, I'll plea insanity.
I never understood why you had to be so vain,
I just know it made your last night full of pain.
A flood of red before I wake,
Reminds me of your life which I did take.
In your eyes a fire did burn,
But you didn't realize how cold I would turn.
I came home early and saw you cheated,
You never thought I would become so heated.
I killed him with a blow to the head,
And before you could escape, tied you to the bed.
You squirmed and struggled to get free,
But soon you tired of trying to overpower me.
No air to your lungs, your neck I strangled,
You fought your hardest until your arms dangled.
So sure, I deserve to die in this cell,
But this time again, the justice system will fail.


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