I'm Not Like Other Girls


"I'm not like other girls," she says
As she layers on makeup
In her too-short shorts and revealing tank top.
She’s going out tonight
And all her friends will be there
There’s no saying no; it’s a double-dog dare.
And you can’t back down or else you’re weak.
You won’t party, you’re no fun,
You must be a freak.
See, there are rules to this game.
You have to be sexy,
Drunk, and flirty.
Who cares if you’re messy?
Throw yourself out so guys will take notice.
Why is this the object of our focus?
Girls, come on, you can do better.
Do you like yourself as he takes off your sweater?
That guy you met an hour ago?
Whose friends yelled out “look at that fine hoe!”
Is that what you want?
I doubt it.
“It’s fun,” you claim
Well I won’t hear about it.
Because you’re lying to yourself; you want so much more
You want to be loved, not used, not treated like a whore.
You want to meet this wonderful guy
Who sees, not your boobs, but your beautiful eyes.
“Those guys don’t exist,” you say, but I still think they do.
Try some self-respect,
What have you got to lose?


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