I'm Not Down For This

The party laying in bed on my phone Stoned drunk and not alone He comes in Normal conversation turns in to a invasion on my personal space A boob squeeze a ass gab His hand touch feels like the cold hardwood floors in the morning of winterI say no let's not do this But he continued on again Asking if I'm trying to FUCK OR GIVE HIM HEADNo I'm not wanting that the only thing I'm wanting is out of here My friend walks is doesn't see a thing She is blind to what is happening like I'm am Harry Potter wearing the cloak of invisibilityShe Leaves and it starts again His "THING" comes out he pushes me closer hoping I'd give inI'm not Down for this "I know you like it" Im not down for this I shake my head no and he gets closer Then it happens my blessing the the upstairs door opens "Guys I have a officer her to talk to you" my friends mom says My blessing in disguise For going home at 3:15 am in a cop car is much more happy in life than being with him for another second He ran from the cops on the ride home Looked out the window knowing my moms gonna freak I see him walking towards my home  praying he won't show up at my window wanting more. He surely Doesn't come though I'm still frightening by his touchIt a few days after 4th period i sit at a table of 5 , the The Senior who for some reason in a freshman class, the preppy blonde,  my best friend and him..... and like I could maybe Handel it if he sat on the other side of the table but no. he sits right next to me  Right fucking next to meI was freaking out inside Didn't know if I could hold it in I could tell he was looking at me again and again Turning his head ever so slightly I look at the clock 20 more minutes I can do this He starts moving I'm shifting away although it was probably a accident his knees touched mine and just by his touch it was beginning to be to much Every time I seem him I want to cry4th period is the only time I'm truly terrified



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