I'm The Man I Want To Be

I look at myself in the mirror
And I like the person that I see
People can say whatever they want
I’m really happy to be me

The length of my hair is my business
I only wear clothes that I like
Why should I change my appearance?
Fault-finders will never be satisfied

I can't follow the confusing rules,
But I'm not the worst person on earth
It’s too difficult to please others,
So I do everything to please myself

Even if I become like someone else,
I’d still be an imperfect man
There's no faultless human being
I love myself; I’m the man I want to be

Don’t tell me how to live my life
I’m fed up with the dictations of society
It’s time to make my own decisions
From now on I’ll live the life I want

I’m a writer of Jamaican nationality
Patios is my native dialect
I also speak in the Queen's English,
But I don’t twang like a dry land tourist

I'm a plain and outspoken person
I don't put up with nonsense
Most of the time I keep to myself
I get a better feeling when I’m alone

Although I’m a multi-skilled person,
I don’t have to prove myself in any field
Frankly, I don’t impress people
And nobody can easily impress me

I strongly disapprove of certain formalities
They aren’t advantageous to me
Formalities originate from different cultures
I see no moral values in these things

Nobody can shove philosophy down my throat
I don’t want to hear anything from anybody
If I listen to every opinion, I’ll become a fanatic
Just leave me alone, I’m the man I want to be

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