I'm Mad So I Got Pedantic

The next person

to tell me

that a poem is more

than letters

and spaces

and enter keys

should get smacked.


Of course

poetry is more than that.

But this is what

a poem is made of.


Just because a teenage girl

rather than your fave

old pedantic wrote

something that speaks

and listens

and breaths with borrowed life

doesn't mean her poem

should be followed by



"Why does everyone 

think a poem

can be made with just

a spacebar and enter key?"

because it can

it always has been about

having space to breathe.


the words must breathe to grow

upward like swirling vines

enrapping the members' minds.

The author must breath to feel

the slanting of her inclines.

The audience must breathe,

the audience must know,

the audience breathes to know

they are still alive

even as that life is siphoned off.


And we speak always

always we speak-

in a world of words

we just talk

we hear our voices echo back

or we could if we'd just breathe.


The spacebar and enter key

give us space-

give us a millisecond of silence

before we continue,

and that's what we need.


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