I'm lost (acoustics)

I'm lost in this lonely place.
Lonely when its dark outside.
With nowhere to go.
I'm lost.
When I took a wrong direction.
As I didn't see the signs.
I'm lost.
When I'm alone.
Couldn't see the sky.
As I feel my heart pounding.
And my palms are sweating.
I feel like a nervous wreck.
I'm lost.
When it's cold outside.
The temperature feels like below zero.
As the cold makes me feel so uncomfortable.
I'm lost.
I feel so lost.
Lost in a dark room.
As I feel the room everything moving quickly.
With my feet feeling so heavy.
As my feet feel like heavy stones.
I'm lost.
Feeling lonely and disconnected.
Just disconnected when you are so far away.
I feel lost.
As I feel afraid.
Feeling afraid when you are not here with me.
I'm lost.
With tears running down my face.
Just walking on hard glass.
As I feel my feet bleeding.
Cause I was alone.
With no one to lean on.
I'm feeling lost.
Lost in the comfort zone.
As I'm so alone.
Alone on dark paths.
When I swallow my pride.
I'm lost as I take deep breaths.
Just breathing so heavy.
When I'm lost, part of me is missing.
I'm lost on the lonely ride.
As I feel emotional.
Emotional like a rollercoaster.
I'm lost with nowhere to go.
I'm lost in the middle of nowhere.
I'm lost.
I just feel so lost.
As I feel scared.
I'm just hiding below my comfort zone.
I'm lost when I'm gone.
I'm lost like visual sounds.
Sounds that sound so quiet.
I feel so lost.
Just lost ahead of time
I couldn't keep track of time.
I feel so lost.


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