I'm Free

Read my first poem, Kind Voices, Gentle Voice, first before reading this. It's a sequel.


But the wind fails to catch me.

Or does it succeed?

Do I succeed?

Is this what I want?






I still argue with myself, even as I fall.

I am crazy.

I am free.

I am both.

I feel the wind hug me. It envelopes me in it's arms.

"You are with me," it says.

I release myself to it's embrace. I am with the wind.

I have succeeded. I have won. They won't ever get to me.

I hear the ground call.

"The wind brings a visitor!"

I close my eyes.

I surrender.

Or maybe they have won. Maybe this is what they wanted.

Is this what they wanted?

Is this what I want?


My whole self answers together.

No matter what they want.

At least I won't have to see them again.

The wind had caught me. And now it delivered me.

The ground caught me too.

I'm free.

Free from it all.

Free from them.

Free from the kind, gentle voices.

Free of my crazed mind, arguing with itself.





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