I'm Fiction Anyway

Thu, 12/11/2014 - 11:19 -- Chayle

The breath in front of my face is all I need, right?
I don't need hands, lips, or a muscular back
If I can fall in concrete and walk on ice
Then, there's no reason I should be mad
If God made me into this, then why the emotions?
What's with the upmost desire for another?
No one can be with me, regardless of seduction potions
But, that's alright because I need to learn to be tougher
Thanks for making me feel hope once in a blue moon, it's great
To feel the wind against my bare shoulders
To know that I don't have to be afraid
Make me feel what I should, this couldn't be any older
You're funny you know that?
You see me smile and smack my face
There's no real reason for single attacks
If only you could feel an ounce of my own pain
Complain, I could do that but it does no good
It makes life harder than it's supposed to be
It seems that disappearing is something I should
I was blessed with a life chest and no key
Nature, you're funny, you make my wants seem stupid
That I should be perfectly content with being forever alone
Damn that flying bastard, what the hells a Cupid?
I can't believe the misery I've ever shown
Let me forget, I wish I could forget the life I've lived
The friends and family could all erode away
I wish there wasn't a single damn I could give
But, it won't matter because I'm fiction anyway


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