I'm From Earth

Mon, 06/09/2014 - 14:03 -- baotam

              I’m From Earth


I am from Earth.                           

Where my Mom gave me Birth.

I go to Sabin,

Where it’s the opposite of a Safe Haven.

Angels do work,

While Devils just Twerk.

Eminem has an Ego of a God,

Humanity hangs on a Rod.

School just starts,

Where kids try being Smart.

Gangs shoot other Gangs.

And Guns go Bang, Bang.

While Kids sit on the couch watching Television,

And not making much Life Decisions.

All they see is Homer choking Bart.

While Peter Griffin just farts.

And Jerry pushes Tom down on a cart.

That’s right,

I’m from Earth.

Where my Mom gave me Birth.


Baotam Tran

June 6, 2014



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