I'm Dying


I’m dying on the inside

And no one knows. My heart

Beating a useless tone,

My flaws laid out in front of me,

As if all things will end eventually.

Why do I bother?


No one can hear,

My screams, a plea to the heavens,

But only noticed in my dreams. This pain

Inside me growing, life continuing it’s endless flowing,

But as I put on my happy face and lie,

To those who love me; a piece of my soul detaches,

drifts away.

Should I care?


Now the feeling of envy growing,

Thinking my life is a movie showing, people

Around me enjoying their life like they’re on display,

but they do not see the monster

who is silently creeping today.

He sneaks and stalks those with a happy face, He steals their souls

And then he’s gone without a trace.


I am that monster in the dark; hoping,

Life’s bite is worse than its bark, it hurts

my heart. I sometimes wish life didn’t start.

But I think the only reason

I’m still going,

is the fear,

that my life’s end will only bring nothing.


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