I'm From

Im from Fudge

From long games of hide n' go seek

I'm from my grandfathers plane

from sit down and shut up

from open the door 

I'm from yes ma'am and no sir

from green bean casserole 

from having to hold my own


I'm from praying

from asking to be excused

I'm from a loving family

from shooting the birds and saving our fish

I'm from fishing and cooking

from grill all day and eat all night

I'm from feed the dogs 

and sweep the porch


I'm from sweet potatoes

From shooting the bb gun

I'm from climbing the highest tree and being the king

from a large family who knows what counts

I'm from sitting on the porch and talking 

from watching the fireworks and rocking

I'm from being the tube king

I'm from the tribe.


This poem is about: 
My family


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