I'll Listen, You Talk

I don't care if I don't know you,

I don't care if I do,

All I know is that you need someone to listen,

So let me be here for you.

Rant, rave, cry;

Let it out.

Don't bottle it up,

Don't let it fester,

Don't give up.

You say "No one would care,"

But that's not true

Because I do.

I don't know you,

I do know you,

It doesn't matter

Because I care about you.

You say "You don't understand, you don't know my pain,"

I say "Your right, I don't, I won't pretend to know what ghosts haunt you,

But just talk to me, let me lend you a shoulder, an ear, a place of comfort away from the fear.

Please don't extinguish that beautiful flame inside of you.

Please don't let that heavy darkness consume and extinguish you."

Let me be your rock,

Your anchor,

Your safety net.

You may know me,

You may not know me,

You could be across

the street,

the city,

the state,

the country,

the world,

And I'd still be there for you.

I'd carry you until your strength returned.

I'd light your way until you found your light.

But I'd walk with you always,

by your side,

behind you,

or wherever you needed me.

So don't give up,

Please talk to me,

I won't

judge you,

yell at you,

or laugh at you;

I'll listen,

You talk

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This poem is so sweet.

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