But I'll Have Eyes for None But You

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 17:57 -- tag359

I'll send you my apologies now,

In letter form, so I can be

Oblivious. Instead I'll write my heart.


First, I will send one for my brooding spirit.

Many nights will you stay up worrying at my



And for my selfish nature, which,

Really, is the root of all my evil.

I just hope you demand your way.


I will be a good mother to Jason, Anto(nia),

And Rosie, as I suggested, but we discussed,

Because I feel like it.


Hopefully that is more often than not.

Hopefully I can change for the better.

Hopefully your bottomless patience can hold out.


And then my words. I know they are

Powerful, yet I am most careless

With the ones I love the most.


So I'll send you my apologies now,

In letter form, because I know

A heart like yours should never be bound to me.


My selfshness shines through again

On this day of holy binding,

But I'll have eyes for none but you.



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