I'll Courageously Fight To The End

I fight for equal rights and justice.
Though the battle is getting hot,
I’ll never surrender to savage men.
My courage helps me to endure.
This is a fight that I didn’t start.
Your ancestors murdered my forefathers.
And you’re the same as your ancestors.
I don’t expect to win this war,
But I’ll never give up in the face of danger.
The odds are stacked against me in life.
My foes are increasing daily.
I’m outnumbered by powerful enemies,
But Jehovah is my protector.
He’s the source of my strength.

I fight for liberty and reparation.
Against all evil forces I’ll stand up.
Though I’m wounded and weary,
The wicked ones won’t conquer me easily.
I’ll fight as long as I have breath.
The satanic hordes may defeat me,
But I haven’t lost the battle yet.
And when I die, I’ll surely live again.
In paradise my heart will rejoice.
Haters and scorners I’ll see no more.
I must keep fighting until then.
I’ll courageously fight to the end.

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Our world


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