I'll Break My Own Heart

Even though I love you, I’m afraid I must break up with you.
I’ve decided to do this before your feelings for me change.
You’re trying to assure me that you’ll never leave me,
But I can’t stay with you and wait until you tell me goodbye.
Maybe someday you’ll understand my reason for doing this.

Women love me only for a short time and then they leave me.
And I’m not convinced that you won’t do the same thing.
I must be careful; I can’t trust another woman with my heart.
I’d rather go away than keep wondering if you’ll hurt me or not.
Nicola, I’m worried, and I just don’t know what else to do.

You told me that I was your soul mate the first day we met.
And you said you wanted us to be together all the time.
You also promised to be faithful to me for the rest of your life.
I’m so sorry; I’ve heard those persuasive words before.
And I’m not going to let someone I love break my heart again.

I know I’ll break my own heart by ending this relationship,
And I don’t want to break your heart because of my uncertainty.
It’s entirely my fault; I shouldn’t have fallen in love again.
I just wish there was a way to make time stand still tonight,
For tomorrow I’ll take one last look at you and then walk away.

I do believe you love me very much at the present moment,
But I fear you might not always love me the same way.
I’d rather leave when you love me than see you stop loving me.
All the women I’ve cared for left me and broke my heart,
So this time I’ll break my own heart before you decide to do it.


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