Ignorance is Bliss

Fri, 07/15/2016 - 17:33 -- Razay

I said ignorance was bliss because sometimes I like to believe that the nothingness I feel is just a dream a really bad one
I said ignorance was bliss because somewhere I wanted to believe that reality didn't affect me
Ignorance was my bliss because in this wonderland I could feel I could manufacture myself to become this person loved and understood
Ignorance is bliss because I chose to ignore the knowledge of power and success ignorance was bliss because I was no longer allowed to think nor expose my train of thoughts
Ignorance was bliss because in my mind their logic was just an abused path ignorance was bliss because in this day and age my imagination and train of thoughts would just be seen as an overly active dream I chose to think
Ignorance was bliss because to them my thoughts,beliefs, and theories were just straight out of a candy covered world ignorance was bliss because what they didn't know wouldn't affect them
Ignorance was bliss because every word I uttered had no place to be true if it wasn't out a 2,000 page textbook with strongly stated evidence
Ignorance was bliss because for once in their live I was someone who no matter what still stated her opinion as if it was the truest word ever spoken
Ignorance was bliss because I had allowed them to belive that they were right and I would no longer waste my breath explaining to them why I felt I  was right
My ignorance was a bliss because in this bliss I had a chance to talk until this thing called life had no place in the universe where my words were heard not dismissed as if I was a homeless soul abused and drugged...

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