If you're watching.

I know it's hard when you realize that were better people separated than together,

Overcoming a pain so strong, it resembled a child being taken from his mother,

I miss everything that was us,

From the dance, to the words we copy, to the daily "oh fuck",

I missed the stabbing pain in my back after a week of shaving,

Even if i said "it sucked",

The mid-morning you'd pull me closer to you,

Is something someone has yet to do,

I dont feel the same with others like when it was 7,

But thats dead and gone now,

And you know I dont believe in heaven,

I believe in the life that is hell waiting for another you,

I try not to let these thought take over,

I don't let them consume,

You taught me howoto be strong when your only love says youre bad,

You taught me to love myself even if I was disgusting, because it was better than feeling like nothing,

But you taught me to love myself enough to let you go,

But now i'm home,

And I sit and wait,

For Sunshine to come anew,

While i wait on another you.

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