If there's One Thing I Need

If there's one thing I need, it'll be my inner creativity. 

No deserted island can beat what's within me. 

I have the ability to turn the sound of waves to rhythmic beats,

use birds to count sheep and can find a million ways to put the lime in the coconut.

I'd make leaves into a bed shaped for a queen, align ants in an army,

and part invisible waters on an imaginary boat with a safari, like Moses.

My sand fort would reach the heavens and I'd use the clouds for pillows.

I'd even walk up and play knock knock with willows.

I know the threats that desertion poses, but my creativity is my sanity and I take it in doses.

You'd catch me fighting off lions, tigers and bears with rose thorns and bark for armor.

I'd replenish Mother Earth and cunningly making her my partner.

I see no harm in being physically alone, it gets these juices flowing enough to replenish the soul.

And my thats the goal, to be one with the Earth and do what your heart has been told. 

So if I'd take one thing it'll be this, 

to sit on my new found island in pure bliss. 

I choose the idea of creativity. 









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