If She Could Walk

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 13:00 -- Kbeyer

Nature- Completely organic, completely,


Her Guardians- Trees

Her Song- Wind

Her Tears- Rain

Her Rage! - Thunder

She is the life- giver, without Her we would be



As I walk over Her grooves, Her crevices, I feel at peace, I feel


If She could walk, next to me, I would feel the life radiating off of Her

The birds, the squirrels, mice, spiders, insects; it makes no matter!

I could look over and see Her shining, feel her steps and hear her whispers

Just as I do now.


She is completely, immeasurably beautiful, no,


Why would man wish to remove Her? To pull Her roots from the ground? To savagely tear off Her limbs, destroy the homes of Her inhabitants?

To kill Her.



She is the beginning and the end

She hears us, listens to our woes and when we overcome Her with our burdens, She


When men tear Her down she rages! She lets loose her almighty thunder! Her Cries rage, Her inhabitants flee!

And then, the calm after the storm, She


Her golden rays stop Her thunder and halt Her cries

And Her inhabitants come out to dance again


If She could walk

Next to me

Beside me

I would feel Her golden rays, Her melodic song, and I would be

At peace


What are the beauties of Nature to me?

They are fulfillment, they are






This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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