If I were

(if I were)-Vivian Okafor

if i were an artist
i'd draw you in my canvas
i'd tint your light complexion
I'd shade in your dark brown skin
I'd carve your curves to perfection
I'd make you my masterpiece

if i were a painter
I'd use the brightest of colors
to show just how bright you shine
I'd use the darkest of colors
to show how grim your absencemakes me feel
if i were a painter
id make you my Picasso

if i were a sculptor
i would carve your perfect oval eyes
i would carve out your strong face
i would carve in your muscular curves
yes, if i were a sculptor
you would be far more magnificent
than Michelangelo's David

if i were a playwright
i would make you a protagonist
the center of my work
the muse of my writing
yes, if i were a playwright
Shakespear would much envy you

if i were a singer
you would be my vocals
you would be my rhythm
I'd put you in my melody
and make you my bass
if i were a singer
the sirens would beseech you

if i were the creator
you would be the world
yes my love,
you would be the leaves, life, love and the air
i would make you exquisite,
a one of a kind creation
that god himself will spite you

i have put you in my rhymes
i have put you in between my lines
i have seduced you with my words
i have wooed you with my stanzas
all my sanctions would end with you
you'd be the back story to my irony
i have made you my muse
that even the muses of ancient Greece weep!
i know its not much but
its the best , i can do,
my gift is my poetry and
this ones for you

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