If I Have a Daughter

If I have a daughter,

I hope that she’s beautiful,

Not that I care what she looks like,

But because others do.

I hope that she is loved for her personality,

And that she has the strength,

To confront her problems.

I also hope that she’s smart enough,

To solve these problems,

Because there is no handsome prince coming to save her.

I hope that she’s smart enough,

Not to want to be that weak girl,

Waiting for a man.


If I have a daughter,

I hope she’s like me.

I hope she likes baseball,

And laughing,

And coffee.

But I hope that she is not like me too.

I hope that she’s not afraid,

Like I am.

That she’s comfortable with who she is,

And is never ashamed of herself.

I hope she has

My eyes and my humor,

But that everything else,

Is her own.


If I have a daughter,

I hope that she’s funny.

I hope she can find,

The humor in bad situations because if,

She can do that,

She’ll never succumb to self pity.

And I’ll never have to lie to her,

And say everything will be alright.

Sometimes it’s not,

And I never want to lie to her.

I hope she has a lot of friends,

Because loneliness is the one thing I’m really,

Afraid of.

And I never want her to experience it.


If I have a daughter,

I hope she is kind.

I hope she is known for this,

And that others respect her for it.

I hope that she knows how mean people,

Can be.

How much they can hurt,

So that she won’t be surprised when she is hurt.

Like I was.

But I hope that she can see the good sides,

Of people too.

I hope she understands how people can be,

The best thing,

And the worst thing all at once.

And that I love her more than anything,

I’m just not too good at showing it. 


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