If I could say what I thought

At 8:45am I have to be there,

At 2:45pm I have to go,

You know me as the quite one,

The one who always gets her work done,

Never causes any trouble in class,

And never talks back,


If I could say what I want about school,

I would say this is all bullshit,

ACT, SAT and many more tests,

25, 36, 1500, 2400,

Numbers on paper,

That’s all we are to you,


You have your groups against bullying,

Drunk driving, and gay violence,  

When there are far worse things on the news every day

What do you think?

That we can fix the world for you,

We can’t,


We are not the hope of the future,

We are not better than you,

The clubs, the grades,

The world doesn’t care,

It is what it always was,

What we learn will not prepare use for reality,

What you teach us is bullshit,




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