If I Could Change anything in the world it would be IT ALL

If I could change anything in the world it would be it all

The killing for stupid reasons

The raping b/c you are stronger or you thought they wanted it NO excuse me b/c they were asking for it

Backstabbing and gossip cuz you think its cute

The cheating the lying maybe even the dying

Before it is their time b/c of the 2nd line

The domestic abuse b/c he thinks he is a “man”

Or because you ain’t have no good parents so you beat on your kids too

Until their little innocent bodies are black to blue

If I could change anything in the world it would be social media

Showing your tail,

typing keys to words on a screen

being oh so very mean

maybe what it really is, you got the sin of green

But when they step to you, what you got to say? More hurt.

If not lies

Then bullying cuz yall ain’t got nothing better else to do in life

But drive a girl to end hers

If I could change anything in the world it would be the fake love

Tell me how do you sleep with someone allowing them to have something God gave to you to keep so dear

Just cuz you think you like him and you grown, child please

That ain’t real love

Real love is when a man wipes away your tears after you left him hanging on a cross

But naw you don’t want real love, you want a temporary "feel good" piece of flesh

Just know the wages of sin is death

If I could change anything in the world it would be the hate

What is the point of hating someone b/c of the color of their skin

I’m sure if we bled we could all be kin

So what he is black, she is white, why must we continue to fight

It is so juvenile, oh how immature

And here I’m thinking we as human beings are suppose to be the most advanced

Tfff....maybe we should give animals a chance

But nowadays the klan don’t need no lynch tree

Black on black crimes occur indefinitely

I mean what is wrong with us

We killing each other now

O Okay then

After all these marchings, strikes, assassinations, boycotts, lockups

Just so we could be viewed as equals

Y’all ungrateful butts go and ruin the vision of what

So many fought, and died to create

Then you have the nerve to say it’s “they” fault

Who is “they”?

You can’t blame white folk that much any more or “the system”

It’s on us now

We make our own decisions, and to consequence we must bow

If I could change the world it would be the homosexuality

Yes, I said it

Marriage was made for man and woman and thats that

Don’t chew me up

let me explain

It was never ment to be this way but the 1st sin is to blame

I love yall all the same, I DO NOT hate you

Lemme say I just do not agree with the SIN

You all are children of God and he loves you over and over again

Regardless of what hypocrites say

It is not the worst sin on earth but


But neither is some of yall who sleep with “who sen eva”

Cuz you just felt like it or it “feels good”

Or cuz its normal for a man and woman


Sex involving straight people out side of marriage

Ain’t no betta

And Don't Get Me Started On DIVORCE


Marriage is suppose to be sacred


You quick to break up when ya nerves bout to burst

So what, What happened to for better and for worst? 

I wanna make that clear too

Cuz they quick to tell yall what you ain’t suppose to do

Pointing one finger when 3 point back at you

Take the plank outta your eye before you take the speck outta your brothers 

We have to get our priorities straight 

Because it determines our fate

In closing I would like to say I know as humans we will fall


If I could change the world I would change it all.



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