Identity Loss



I am saturated in vivid hues

Painted by my culture,

A life I didn’t choose,

Mere stone formed into a sculpture.

These decisions are not mine,

A stranger’s language spoken,

As I look, I find myself confined

To rules that won’t be broken.

Are we mirrors of context,

Or could we be more?

The culture’s effects

Can be traced to our core.

I give back society the Self it gave me,

Unchaining my thoughts and reclaiming my mind,

I will travel alone, for alone I am free.

With a step and a question, I leave past behind.



Time drains me of what I have known,

What I had become,

For now I have been so alone

That my heart is turning numb.

No longer do I dance or sing,

Music is unknown.

What would such expression bring?

 Nothing would be shown.



Foreign faces escape from me,

Fragments of words diffuse,

Drifting until finally,

My name has lost its use.

I’ve forgotten how to speak,

Though no words are there to say,

Beliefs have fled and faith is bleak,  

There are no prayers to pray.

What I am is moving bone,

A whisper in the shade.

I’m lost in sky, I am the stone

Of which great statues are made.


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