Ideas from an Amendment Loving Teen.

Is the gun really the enemy?

We don't blame the knife or bomb when they create the tragedies we hate to see. 


Don't you see?


You're just wiping away the blood instead of treating the wound.

But the infection is spreading like we told you it would.


Don't you see?


I don't want the world to end.

But that is what would happen if we gave our guns to "the Man".


History has proven time and time again,

When the government uses the lie "the government will protect you" card in hand.


Taking away guns is not the answer. 

That's like covering a gushing wound with a plaster (band-aid). 


Instead, teach kids to value life.

Before, during, and after strife.


Let's get some people who understand when they take a job to protect kids,

They don't always get to worry about their own skin.


It's not violent entertainment, that's just a smoke screen.

Many of these kids forget what it's like to climb a tree.


Show the children what life is out on the breeze.

Show them there is joy in things besides saying cheese.


Teach kids to love one another.

Make them see there is no joy in shoving thy brother.


Parent, Show, Teach, and Learn.

These options are not absurd. 


The future is darkened by people finding different ways.

To destroy, murder, burn and raze.


My time is over, my piece has been said.

Hopefully, the world is on the mend. 


I'll step off my soapbox and return to the world. 

And hopefully, one person will appreciate what they've heard.


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