An Idea on How to Fix Congress


Congressmen lie

The people know

"The end must be nigh!"

"Wait, judges don't, you know?"


"Well, why don't they?"

"They're only elected once,

So it doesn't matter what they say."

"You think that really helps a bunch?"


"Why, yes. It does.

I even sent a letter to my Congressman

To try to create a buzz."

"So, what should be done?"


"Put them in for life!"

"In prison you mean?"

"No, in office, to reduce strife."

"I want that like I want a faulty spleen."


"With no elections, they don't lie."

"You're too optimistic."

"Sure, it'll take time."

"Sure will, dipstick."


"The logic is there,

And it's better than nothing."

"You'll get many a nasty glare."

"I'll still be breathing."


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