I'd Rather be Alone

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 17:39 -- b.l.j
You only apprised the right words and thoughts To see the jewel between my thighs. 
Pretending that my mind and soul really matter, 
Just to taste My cotton candy...  pink matter. 
Not understanding why I give my body away, not even noticing my pain 
Because all you wanted was to unlock the tides between my thighs 
To split the seas like Moses came.
Did you really want to coast through my oceans forever?
 I let you have sex with me the first time out of impulse,
 Then the second time out of habit, 
Hoping you'd see the love I have for you, but not once do I think you found it. 
You told me you weren't chasing me vainly in lust 
That you wanted to see us both dig for something deeper within, 
But no matter what you were trapped above your own skin,
 Not once thinking to dig past mine. 
My love for you was like a diamond, found in a dark mine, 
Made from struggle and oppression.
But because of your unrequited love, it made my outside much tougher. 
I started to give up on anyone to lust me, touch me, to love me. 
Going back to the mine, hoping someone beside you will find 
The oppression and struggle I went through beautiful,
 But until then, I'd rather be alone.



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