Icarus' Wish

To soar high in the clouds like a bird

To feel free and not chained

To explore the world around us

The closest we have to flying

The closest we have to floating in the sky

The closest we have to touching those fluffy clouds

In the beginning we only dreamed

In the beginning we took the first step

In the beginning we tried and failed

We can now explore that wondrous place

We can now fly freely like birds

We can now say we know the feeling of the wind on our feathers

And the smell of fresh air on the wind

Look out skies above

Look out clouds soaring high

Look out atmosphere

Here we come with metal wings

Here we come with respirators and helmets

Here we come with homes and dreams

We are here to explore and reach for the stars

We are here to find answers to open ended questions and the meaning to life

We are here

And here we will stay


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