Sat, 09/05/2020 - 23:38 -- G'nova

This is a letter to you


To admit I was emotionally confused

And to say sorry that I left you with an internal bruise

As much as I hate to say it the love wasn't true

So I had to move before I got choked by this noose

And if I have to be honest

I will openly acknowledge

That I made a pledge to a broken promise

For you see it was due to my sexual greed

That there could never be a thing such as you and me

Which is why I made this letter to you

I could not go behind your back just to pursue

Other women and their delectable fruits

So I take it upon myself to say that we are through

Although to my dismay you are a star

Which is why when I first saw you I fell so hard

I didn't believe in love then but with you, it was a start

If I knew I would be Icarus I wouldn't have flown far

Which why I made this letter you

I know we through now I'm just hoping we cool

And I wanted to apologize for acting a fool

I know you probably on to your next dude

So if he tells you to change

Just remember that God made you this way

And that everything about you is great

No matter what anybody else says


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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed


Thanks :)


That was awesome! Powerful words. Keep it up!

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