I Wrote You a Poem


The first time we kissed, I wrote you a poem with my tongue

I tucked it in right in the back of your mouth, between your gums and all that darkness

I never said anything but I tasted it all on your tongue

I tasted all of your pain, and inhaled all of your lonely

Even then

beneath my mouth

you still didn't feel like a person

you only felt like home

I wrote you a poem with my tongue

and I wonder if I kissed you like a heart beats

soft to slow

slow to quick

would I find my poem still nestled where I placed it

I wonder if my words helped kill the bitter alone

I wrote you a poem with my tongue

when we first traced scars and shared past lives

when we first shared our DNA

and I guess after all this time

what I want to say is

even underneath all that pain and lonely

there is a star hidden within those petals you call a mouth

that there is now a sweetness to that bitter

that you are still my only home


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