I Won't Ask You To Stay

We have been through alot.
We have laughed, we have loved, we have yelled and we have fought.
We have had our ups and downs.
Our fair share of disagreements.
And it sometimes brought us closer together, sometimes drove us apart.
But I love you, have since the very start.

It was at first glance that I knew,
That we could make a future.
Watching as love developed, grew,
Into something stronger than metal.
A bond so unbreakable and still.
Unmoving like a set of mountains.
Standing up proud and tall,
Unable to move or fall.

It was the moment that two fates sealed.
Of two people who's love was true,
And could be felt by others to.
A start that two hearts,
Came together in sync as they beat as one.
In a beautiful harmony, a beautiful tone.
A story made to be written in stone.
And the music we made was of our own,
With the lyrics of a love song.

I remember I didn't want to close my eyes,
Because I couldn't go a minute without seeing you.
Something I just didn't want to do.
You were like a drug I was addicted to.
I couldn't picture a life that you were no longer a part of,
And it was one of my deepest fears.
Only you would be able to send me into uncontrollable tears.

But as our time together continued,
Somewhere along the line our love didn't deepen but seemed to fade,
And that one fear came to be,
At the choice you suddenly made.
I didn't see it coming...those three words that ends every tale.
Of a romance novel going bad,
No longer a happy ending as it turned sad.
The moment you said we were better off friends,
Was the moment my happiness truly ends.

I remember, the pain and ache I endured.
The breaking of fine strings on a guitar as it hit a broken note,
And in reality, my senses awoke,
At the situation I found myself in,
One where you were no longer by my side,
To wipe away the tears that I cried.
Only this time they were shed by your own hand.
So why would you be there to comfort a broken heart,
When you were the one it broke for.
The one that promised forever, that I fell in love with more and more.

You didn't talk to me after that night.
Even though I continued to fight,
To be with you once again and that maybe, at the end of this tunnel, there was light.
But you continued to brush me off, as if 'we' never happened.
You forgot easily and moved on,
Leaving me to pick up the pieces, to deal with my pain.
I'm surprised that it had not driven me to the brink of self destruction, insane.
Because when I lost you, I lost it all.
When I lost you, there was nothing to stop my fall,
Into loneliness and darkness, anger and hate.
But I never held a grudge against you, only at the hand I was delt in fate.
At the conclusion that maybe I done something wrong,
That maybe I was more weak than I was strong.

I Wont Make You Stay.

Those were the words that I said on that day,
When I realized I am chasing after someone who wouldn't chase back.
And no matter how much I try to get you to see,
That you'll always....have me,
That in a wake of a storm or blazing fire,
You'll always be my one, my first, true desire.
You'll never understand what true love means.
When you wont open your eyes to see that it was right in front of you since the very start.
That you let it slip away,
And didn't care that my heart had something to say.
So you lost it forever,
Letting it fly away on a silver wing,
No longer willing to fight, or stay.

I Won't Make You Stay.

Because even then I would know it would never be real,
Only the way that I feel.
And though its hard to finally say goodbye,
And that a piece of me truly did die,
I wish you the best in life and what it offers.
May you find a love that will last,
One where your heart beats fast,
For a girl you can finally have forever with.
I'll always love you till my last days.
But I wont ask you to stay any longer.
Remember that I may not be a part of your life or your world,
But my feelings, they were true, real.
I envy the girl who's affection you steal,
I Love You.
I don't regret the moment we met.
Or the time we came to share.
Because I will be the one to always care.

Forever wishes to a life you make.
And hoping that for yours and her sake,
That it lasts till your last breath,
Till the world and all creation come to a rest.
You are the love of my life and always will be.
Till the rest of my days but....

I Wont Ask You To Stay.


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