I wish you could feel past the illusions

I know you don't see me the way i am.  All you see is illusions of what real life ought to be. You see yourselves as a knight and a queen respectively. what I see are two druggies, too scared to look look in a mirror and past the illusions. the drugs of clouded your mind and hearts but you let them because you don't see past the illusions. You hear say words like help and love but all you hear are criticisms and trying to control you're lives instead of hearing past the illusions. You touch and thinks it a tap but is really a slap and a hug is a strangle, because you don't feel past the illusions. You think it smells nice in your house's and home, when the filth is past the roof and feels like a punch in the face for you don't smell past the illusions. You're drugs have turned you not into kings or queens but have monsters blinded by how horrible you really are. The saddest part is that you believe them to be true and think it me who lies and the one burden with illusions. I was at one point, thinking that you actually loved me and that you were good parents. But sadly for you and ironically me, i can feel past the illusions.

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