I wish I could say


Stuff I can’t say to my Teacher poem


My Teacher stands watch, and does no such thing.

As the students blabber and argue, wasting time, waiting for the school bell to ring

My Teacher stays mute, and she tries her best not to cry.

As the students spit curses, cheats, and lies.


My Teacher tries her best to be brave, but her smile fades, she wants to lock away

As the students peck the paper balls, and destroy her classroom, she ponders to even stay

My Teacher watches the clock, as if there’s relief in every tock

She’s suffocating and debating, to teach these monsters, to stay in this air lock?


Oh, how I wish to ask, “Why don’t you leave?!”

There’s no happiness here, she sees in us no belief

Oh, how I wish to yell, in hope she retrieves, “Teacher, Teacher! Achieve your dreams! Find your ease!”

But if only I knew that she doesn’t do this job to be pleased.


If only she knew, that I have felt the same.

I wish the other students would actually try to learn, but whose there to blame?

I wish they’d just see, she has so much to say, to teach.

But, they don’t care; they see no help in her, no hope for the goals they wish to reach.


It makes me so sad, that I can’t say

That I agree that students are rude, and sorely behaved

It makes me sad, that I can’t tell

That Teacher, you’re an inspiration, you’re really swell. 


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