I Wish He Would Be Here

This tale is true and mine, it tells how I love the person that how love me. We are caring each other. My true reality is that my childhood is the magnificent time to play, and smile each other, and see my grandfather. Oh my honorable man I miss you. My early years begin to change now I am a growing up now. The first time that I see you I feel safe in your sweet and tender arms.


The time is going fast, and I remember him, his memories fill my mind, and heart. I feel sad when I did not see the person how gave me affection in this time. My aura feels sick, and weak. I wish with words he would be here. Now I am a strong woman. Now I remember the time we want stay together. You were always but my side, I cannot see you but I can smell your orange scent, and you are still here that makes me believe that you will be accompanying me on every achievement.

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My family
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