I Wish


I wish love and happiness weren't so difficult to find

And depression and hate weren't so easy to mistakenly and blindly stumble upon before

The realization of what you're getting into sets in. 


I wish war was a foreign, abstract idea

Rather than a painful reality,

Robbing millions of their loved ones everyday and

Irrevocably ravaging countries, homes, and lives. 


I wish people would learn to be less selfish

And put others before themselves,

Rather than live purely for their own selfish gain. 


I wish my family was whole,

And my father wasn't such a spiteful, cruel man

Who was so selfish that he chose to abandon his daughter,

 Solely to spite his wife,

Missing the opportunity to partake in an entire childhood. 


I wish my grandparents were 25 years younger,

So they would have the opportunity to see me grow up in entirety,

Rather than leave me partway through,

Because I don't know how I'm going to go on without them beside me.


I wish my mom were truly happy,

And could finally learn to care for herself,

Rather than give everything she possibly can to her children

(who, admittedly, sometimes don't appreciate it)

In turn leaving nothing to for herself. 


I wish only good things came to good people

And bad people received what they deserved

For hurting so many without so much as an apology. 


But most of all, I wish that these thoughts weren't wishes at all,

And instead were my reality. 


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