I Will No Kill Myself Tonight

What’s the easiest way to kill yourself?
Funny how smoke twenty a day,
fake a smile for the customers
and drink heavily at night is never
the right answer.

But if I were you, I’d listen
when I say I’ve been there: 
working out if bleach would do it,
or how many pills might send me
straight to heaven.

Or hell, more likely. I’ve been there,
and had nights where the rain has
hit me, the wind has cut me and the
cold has shaken me to my very core;
yes, I’ve suffered.

And I know that you’re stubborn,
and that you don’t care if your family
or friends have to clear up the mess.
You’re nothing, and we’re better
off without you;

you’re doing us all a favour… Please,
cut the crap. Deep down you know
that the opposite is true. Deep down,
although it feels like rock bottom,
you’re nowhere near.

And I am only going to say this once,
after that it’s up to you. But holding on
for one more day, one more night,
is the greatest thing I have ever done.
So hold on.

Hold on until tomorrow. Hold on
until the morning. Do not worry,
do not cry, do not fear, do not hurt,
think of all the good times, and repeat:
I will not kill myself tonight.

And if you cannot do it for yourself,
do it for me.

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My community
Our world
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