I Will Exhale


Take your steps wisely. It's your freshman year young girl. Don't be nervous. Take a breath. 

New school, new people, new state. No one knows you. No one likes you. Wait, dont panic.

You're in Georgia now, not New Jersey. You can start over. Start over. It's over. Not. 


Walk proud young girl, you're finally a sophomore. Got a couple friends, no bullies like before. 

Same school, same friends and maybe a couple more. Georgia, home of my happiness. Everyone

likes you. Wait, humble yourself. You deserve this. You're on your way to happiness. This is your

happiness. Don't let it go.


Junior year young girl. You're closer than you think. 2017! 2017! More friends, same school, same state.

I'm so close. I can't wait. It's almost time. At least it's supposed to be. Dad calls me aside and I panic. 

He says it's not working financially. Mom already left, it's almost time to go. What do you mean? What are you saying?

I'm so close Dad please keep trying. But there's no money. There's no time. I was so close and now I'm far. I almost touched it. My 


Can't Breathe

It's my senior year and the New Jersey air isn't welcoming. New school, new people, new state. 

No one know you. No one likes you. Wait, don't panic. Don't do this, mature young lady. You're going to be okay.

It's almost over. You will reach your happiness. Use this year to grow. Grow into a woman ready to

take on college in your favorite Georgia air. God will guide you. God is preparing you. Accept this 

opportunity. Grow, my love. So that you may



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