I will always remember


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It was April 20th, 2009,
a day I will forever remember.
I was in the normal routine of mine,
unforgotten birthday in November.
I will always remember.

Two years, five months, and thirteen days that day,
but one loaded gun took it all away from me.
With the things I planned we were on our way,
but God knows how it is supposed to be.
I will always remember.

Alexis, my niece, my one and only,
I loved the way you laughed, the way you cried.
The way you paid attention so closely,
Afterwards, my anxiety untied.
I will always remember.

I was just going through the motions,
at both the funeral and the showing.
As if I needed my life in captions,
you were so beautiful, you were glowing.
I will always remember.

Now it has been four long years,
and I continue to say,
I will always remember.


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