I Was Your Friend Once, Don't You Remember?

I Was Your Friend Once, Don't You Remember?


Stumbled to my door at only a couple feet and inches tall,

Asked if I could come out to play - we played it all.

Talked and watched and shared nearly everything and every day.


Then your family fell apart - but, you and I did not.


You moved away, but no, not too far from me.

Still we talked and our friendship thrived,

We still hung out and stayed in the other’s life.


But this would not be the last trial…


I would move cross country for more than a while.

Four long years we wrote letters to decrease the miles,

That separated us and threatened to end what we had built.


If ever I took too long to return your letter, I was consumed with guilt.


Then in an early summer I returned to California,

Where you and I resumed a tested and withered friendship.

We laughed and smiled like old times - there was nothing to fix!


At first glance….


It began with your mother - she fell into a liqoured trance.

Then our friendship turned into a bother.

We rarely saw each other - we were being smothered…


By school and life and religious views, changes in both me and you.


Funny, I still have your number and you have mine,

Yet we still can’t seem to find the urge or find the time,

To say “hello” or remind the other,


“I was your friend once, don’t you remember?"


Or is our friendship a ghost, dismembered?

Once beautiful and existing, now dead and haunting,

But perhaps... somewhere still lingering?

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