I was but I am


A walking,


living shadow

Never standing out in a crowd

Always behind her...second place


Sure I was smarter

And more logical

But guys don’t look for that

They look for her

She dated


Every boy she saw was wrapped around her finger

Instantly falling for her

She always ditched me for them

Once she left me for a guy that






I loved her

It ripped me apart every single time she left me

Cancelled plans

Broken promises


Followed by a shattered heart


But i stuck around

For her to cry on my shoulder

Complain about boys

And talk about the ones she liked



I grew sick of it

The lies

The manipulation

Being used

Being sad



I grew SICK of feeling ugly

All the boys wanted her

And rejected me


But I am beautiful

And special in every way

I DESERVE better

I AM better


We distanced ourselves during high school

And sad to say

My best friend of 3 years ruined my life


On the surface we seemed like perfect bestfriends

So close people thought we were sisters

But on the interior…





But it wasn’t always like that

In the beginning we actually were the perfect best friends


But we stressed ourselves out trying to be perfect

We pushed too hard to be what other people wanted us to be


But U couldn’t go on like that

Dragging each other down…

And for the satisfaction we felt for .002 seconds

It wasn’t worth it


I was better off


She was better off

It’s been months since we have been together

And i don’t know about her but my life is amazing


I was able to venture out and make new friends

Friends who don’t suck the life out of me like a vacuum

Guys want to date me

I am more confident-

And it shows

And I’ve been so happy


Not a petty mess

A disgrace

A sad excuse for a girl



A new


Beautiful girl

Who deserves the world

And I see that now

I am that now


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