I Wants and I Needs

Fri, 02/12/2016 - 11:47 -- EMinEMz

​Sure we can start with 

what a need is

and sure we can 

define a want

but, what about life?

It is based a lot on 

needs and wants


I need pants, so I want this brand

I need food, but I want this kind

all of that

all of those unnecessary details 

of what we want

for what we need.

All those materialistic things

are simply not important to what we need

at least, according to


All we need really,

(yes we)

is simply,


or myself

or even that one person,


we simply, 

just need,


The problem is, 

we are not a brand nor a kind,

we are not a "material",

and nobody wants what they

can't physically utilize that is all in the head.

So what we need is our want

our want for our own lives.

No matter what,

you have to live with yourself


because you are made up of needs and wants

as I am.

All we need

is ourselves

me, myself and I,

you, yourself, and you

call it self love

call it confidence

call it whatever

call it like a "brand" or a "kind"

but what we all need

is ourselves.

All we need now,

is to want it.


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Our world


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