I Want an Education


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I want a higher education

I’m going to say it loud and clear and once again so that you all know it very well
I want a higher education
With that education, I want to pay it forward
To give back
To help out
To create and solve
Now why do I want all of this?
It’s not for recognition or even appreciation
But for the satisfaction of knowing that I made a positive impact

I want to change from an average citizen,
To an active citizen
To voice my opinions and make sound judgments
But how will I make these judgments?

The only way, is for me to gain a higher education

Now the quality of my education will be top-notch
It will not be hindered by a dichotomy
The dichotomy of knowledge and practical utility

I want to become a knowledgeable citizen who can
Empathize, be compassionate and think clearly
But what is the purpose of that unless I apply it?
I want my education to
show how to utilize the knowledge in a practical way

I want both components of my education to be fulfilled

I want a higher education.



I had a teacher who once told me nothing is going to change in our poor neighborhoods unless we have people who become perfessionals and come back and help the communities they grew up in. This idea is exactly what you have described and I really do hope you are striving for this, whether you win the slam or not. You canmake a difference! And I'm sure I will be there right beside you doing the same, along with the rest of the Power Poetry Family!


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