I want Collars, Khakis, and Groups


 I want Collars, Khakis, and Groups

I want a white collared shirt

So I can I have a better future,

So my mind won’t be distracted by  a non-collared shirt,

I want a blouse with a white collar,

Because that is the method that will help me pass my class, and my AP exam, and my regents, and my SAT

I want a blouse, a blouse with a white collar, and buttons

Because, apparently I don’t know how to dress,

Nor do I care about my grades

I want a shirt with a white collar,

Because my GPA is not 98.77

And I really want to sit in groups,

Because on the day of my SAT, I will not be kicked out of the center if I talk to my classmate

I so love to sit in a group, kids facing each other

Because my Application Essay, will have not one, but 4 four names applying together

And honestly, all I ever wanted,

Was to wear a uniform,

And sit everyday in groups,

Because that’s what my school deems right,

But I condemn as wrong. 


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